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litigation mindset I

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

John talks about how emotions can affect our legal case and explain a term that he uses "legally Sufficient" and how it can help you to get better results.

What is a litigation mindset?

Well, it's something that is extraordinarily important for a litigant to make sure that they put together. Very hard, very difficult. Why? Because your litigation is driven by emotion.

And the worst thing that we can do is to create solutions based on your emotions. It's essential that you recognize that and focus only on eliminating the emotion as greatly as possible, from any choice and decisions and actions that you take and substitute instead, what I call legally sufficient processes. You must make sure that when you're working with your lawyer, you are concerned about which is legally sufficient.

The emotion that's important between you and your spouse and what your brother is telling you-you need to do and what your cousin who went through it is expressing their emotions to you. Is not going to help you in litigation.

You are in the legal realm now, the legal arena and we need to focus on that and that alone.

So remember "Legal Sufficient!. That´s the key. Those are the facts. Those are the decisions that we´re going to make as we go through the litigation.

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