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Family Law

Family Law has many facets, and there are
differing levels of complexity depending on the individual, the situation, and the client’s goals. Team Zenir has created an umbrella of services that will protect you and your family by offering tailor made solutions.

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Today, there are many different family structures, all
in different stages and with different needs.


Team Zenir will help you make and implement the necessary decisions to reach your goals.


Our mission is to help people in the best possible way by exploring all available scenarios in order to make the best decisions in each individual legal situation.

We can help with

  • Child Custody

  • Child Support Orders

  • Changing Orders

  • Law Guardianship

  • Paternity

  • Adoption

  • Orders of Protection

  • Prenuptial Agreement

  • Post-nuptial agreement

  • Cohabitation Agreement

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What is...

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child custody

Child Custody and Visitation determines which parent will have physical custody, and who will have legal custody. Only on some occasions do the parents come to an agreement on joint physical custody.

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child support orders

Child Support is the mandatory payment that the non-custodial parent pays to the child's custodian to meet the child's needs. the amount paid is based upon a formula requiring a larger percentage of the payor's income depending upon the number of children

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law guardianship

In child custody cases, one of the things the judge normally does is to appoint a law guardian who will represent the child and find out what is best. However, they will not always come to the right conclusion about what should happen, so it can be a very difficult situation.

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When two unmarried people have a child, it is
necessary for the courts to determine who is the actual father of the child. Sometimes
this can be achieved with a fairly straightforward document; other times it becomes
more involved.

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It is the legal procedure by which a court will grant an adult who is not the natural parent of a minor child permanent custody of the child for his or her full care. Custody may be given in a new marriage or to the children of a previous marriage.

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orders of protection

They are designed to protect people in a family or intimate relationship from hurting each other. To obtain this order, it is necessary to prove the crime. There is a list of what the government considers a crime. There are two different types of protective orders and they will depend on the type of action that is being sought.

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prenuptial agreement

It is a contract between two people who are going to get married. The document explains the guidelines that will govern important points in the event of a divorce. Main concerns that are common to include in a pre-nuptial agreement are assets and money.

This document does not take the place of an estate plan.

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post-nuptial agreemenT

It is an agreement between two people already married. This agreement establishes the guidelines by which property and other financial matters will be distributed in the event of a divorce. It is effectively the same as a prenuptial agreement, but it is signed by the parties when they are already married.

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cohabitation agreement

A cohabitation agreement is used when a couple decides to live together without being married, so that if they were to separate, their rights and assets would be protected, in addition to what would happen in the event of separation.

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LGBTQ+ family law

Since July 2011, laws protect the rights of same-sex couples. Committed to helping people, we can help you realize any family law situation without discrimination or prejudice, helping you obtain the best legally sufficient outcome possible.

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changing orders

It is possible to change protective orders, child support, custody and visitation, neglect orders and agreements, such as a divorce settlement. There must be a change of circumstances for it to be modified, and in each case it depends on the circumstances. 

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