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4 tips on how to change law orders

Whether they are child support orders, custody and visitation orders, or even restraining orders, can be changed.

Watch our video or read ahead.

Number of people ask me over the days, weeks and months as to whether or not orders can be changed.

And the short answer is, you betcha. Orders can be changed. Orders of protection can be changed.

Child support orders, custody and visitation orders and visitation orders, even neglect orders can be changed.

Tip #1 - Change of circumstances

And for the most part, the general rule of law is that there most be a substantial change of circumstances.

Tip #2 - ask a professional

Each kind of order, each type of order, each segment of the law is different from one another. So there are charges substantively in the law, as well as the kinds of facts that we need to have in order to get a change in the law.

I'm happy to answer questions regarding a particular situation that you have.

Tip #3 - change agreements

You can also change orders and you can also change agreements that are made a part of an order.

So, for example, you may be divorced and you have a divorce agreement called stipulation of settlement that has been merged into your judgement of Divorce. That can also be changed.

Tip #4 - Use the right term

The word in the law that's used for changing orders is that we modify the order.

It can be done, and frequently it should be done

Book an appointment today and we will help you right the way!

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