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the most common mistake when you have an indicated report

if you or someone you know has an indicated report from child protective services, be sure to review this video where john talks about this common mistake that can ruin your professional career.

Child Protective Services sometimes does an investigation and submits to the person they've investigated what's called an indicated report. Well, you need not accept that indicated report as gospel.

There's a matter of fact it was not wise to do that.

What you can do is you can file a written objection and it should be based on the law and the facts of the case, which means it's always better to utilize an attorney for this service because you probably don't know the specifics of the law.

Okay, you can object by way of the written letter and you may have it reversed from indicated to unfounded. If not, the Office of Children and Family Services must give you a hearing, and at that hearing, you have an opportunity to present evidence and cross-examine the other side; and frequently these reports are then moved from unfounded or from indicated to unfounded.

Additionally, you also have the opportunity of making certain that those reports do not get revealed to any further employers because if you are looking in to work with children or the elderly, a new employer will in fact want to know if there is an Indicated Child Protective Services Report against you and you can get that sealed.

If you liked to know how, please set up a Strategy Session.

I am happy to help.

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