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Healthy Care Proxy

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

John talks to us about what a health proxy is, how it is done and why it is important to have one. Don't miss our law video series!

A Health Care proxy. A Health Care Proxy goes hand and hand with a Living Will.

A Health Care Proxy says, if I am near death, for example, I'm hopelessly in a coma without any hope of recovery. Or I am brain-dead or the only thing keeping me alive is a feeding tube. And without the feeding tube, I'll be dead.

Those are our measures that are keeping you alive without any hope of full recovery. So, you say, you give the Health Care Proxy to a person who will be able to go ahead and make that decision with the doctors at the hospital or nursing home that, in fact, you those life-saving measures should not be given any longer.

And by the way, you would decide what life-saving measures you do or do not want to be done in the Living Will document that you would sign as well.

So you can make sure that the proper care is given to you without going ahead and keeping you will technically alive for an unnecessarily long period of time.

And of course, that's an individual decision that only you can make.


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