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Top 3 things to look for when hiring a  lawyer video.

Learn now what are three important things to take note of when meeting a lawyer.  

how our firm works

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activate your ideas

This is your starting point.

Every litigation case starts with a thought, with a wish for things to be better. 

TIP: write down what you want in a few sentences. Then, contact a lawyer.

share your thoughts

Hearing your voice out loud can help you to realize things that you weren't aware of. Our Strategy Session is designed to listen to every word you say.

DESIGN the strategy

During a Strategy Session, we will analyze which elements are legally sufficient and what possible legal actions you can take, and the possible outcomes. 

keep in touch

Our job doesn't finish when we start the paperwork. We keep in touch with you all along your case to make sure you know what is going on and solve your questions.

new content every week

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We work in content to answer your questions, help you make decisions more easily, and a variety of information on selected topics to give you the tools to deal with a legal situation. Check our blog and downloads.

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"I had an overwhwlmingly pleasant experience with the firm. Everyone was very professional and personable. Everything was communicated with me and they always make sure to ask me questions. Allison was very nice and wonderful. John Zenir was very professional as well."

-Carol B.

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