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We help you through the difficult journey of divorce. We know that many doubts arise and there is a lot of uncertainty from the moment you start thinking about it. We are here to listen to you, analyze your case and give you legally sufficient options for your case.

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big decision, long way

Making the decision to legally proceed with a separation is difficult, especially because of all the aspects that have to be taken into account; financial, psychological, housing, children, many decisions and negotiations that are accompanied by many emotions and feelings. 

From the moment it is thought through to completion, it is a long road. We can help you from your first doubts.


We know that there is nothing more exhausting than not having a clear path, not knowing the consequences of our possible actions.

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Grounds of divorce

In New York State there are two types of divorce; at-fault and no-fault. And within each there are "legally valid" reasons.

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Enforcing orders

Enforcing an order or changing an order is possible as long as a new order is established in writing that invalidates the previous one. It is important to note that a verbal agreement is not legally valid.

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separate property

Separate Property refers to all those assets that you bring with you into the marriage. Within the marriage, there are 3 different forms of separate property.

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spousal support

Also known as spousal support or alimony, looks good. It is the monetary payment given by one spouse to the other spouse ordered by the court in a divorce. This amount can be used for basic needs (rent, food, clothing), education or to develop job skills, and is dependent upon the income of both spouses, verifiable needs and the court.

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separation agreements

It is a legal document that allows spouses to live separately without having to divorce, i.e., they remain legally married. It is a binding contract regarding all issues in a divorce. This document, once fully executed by both parties and notarized, will be filed with the County Clerk's office. Often Separation Agreements are for a set amount of time, and once the timeframe has passed (i.e. to remain in effect for five years), the parties can move forward with a divorce if they so choose.

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Mediation is used before, during or after a divorce. It consists of a third party (lawyer) who will help those involved to reach agreements on important issues such as financial, property, child custody, spousal support, child support, among others. It is always better to reach an agreement than to have the judge decide for you.

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distribution of property

- Retirement Accounts
- Pension & Retirement Benefits
- Dividing business



 When a married couple is divorcing, there are laws governing certain assets. The parties are also free to come to a mutual settlement agreement between themselves, with the help of lawyers and the court, to decide how their assets and property will be divided.

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